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Finding the Best Nose Shape Before Getting Rhinoplasty

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Getting rhinoplasty is a major decision that will affect the way you look for the rest of your life. Because of this, it’s vital that you choose a nose shape that you’re happy with. Here are some tips on how you can find the best nose shape before getting rhinoplasty.

Aim for Natural Results

Rhinoplasty can change how your nose looks dramatically, but the best nose job is one that achieves natural nose proportions and looks enhanced from all angles. For instance, the upper nasal bridge may be narrowed or straightened without overdoing it; this will help make the result look natural without making your nose look too big. Proper straightening is particularly key in septoplasty.

The nose’s middle area, made of bendable cartilage, will look more appealing if it is the same height as your nasal bones. Cartilage can be removed, but to ensure proper breathing, cartilage removal should not be overdone. The middle area is often transformed to look as straight as possible. Talk about this with your surgeon before your rhinoplasty in Woodbury. 

You can also work with your surgeon to change the tip of your nose. The nasal tip should be in line and the same height as your profile line if you look from the side. Potential changes include narrowing a boxy tip, widening projection with cartilage grafts or sutures, improving the symmetry of an uneven tip, and reducing an overprojected tip.

Maintain Balance Between Facial Features

Just like with any form of facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty’s results must be in proper harmony with the rest of your facial features. This is why your surgeon will evaluate your eyes, cheeks, brows, chin, and overall facial shape and structure before discussing your new nose shape.

Consider Your Genetic and Ethnic Background

Just like how your ethnicity can influence your eye color, hair texture, and skin tone, it can also influence your nose. Your ideal nose should preserve the qualities of your ethnic background. A Caucasian nose will likely not match the nose of an African-American or Asian person. The goal of your nose job should be to enhance your natural beauty instead of erase it.

Evaluate Your Profile

After rhinoplasty, your resulting facial profile should be as impressive as your appearance from the front. The best nose shape should look good from all angles. You wouldn’t want a nose that looks great straight on but looks awkward and out of place from the side.

Find Inspiration

If you cannot accurately describe what you like about your dream nose shape, gather various pictures of your ideal nose to show to your surgeon. This can greatly improve your chances of getting the results you want with facial plastic surgery in St. Paul.

Look Over Before-and-After Photos

Do your homework—diligently go through all of your surgeon’s rhinoplasty before-and-after photos. Look for a patient with facial features like yours, since this can help you picture how you will look after your facial plastic surgery.

Set Up Your Consultation

Consider the points mentioned above when choosing the right nose shape for your rhinoplasty. This will help you work with your surgeon on deciding the right nose for you. Contact Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery today to arrange your appointment.