Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care, providing comprehensive and individualized treatment plans.

Our team of Facial Plastic Surgeons, clinic experts and licensed estheticians has more than 50 years of combined experience in helping you achieve your desired results. We provide you with the most innovative and technologically advanced surgical and non­surgical procedures and treatments to help you rediscover your natural beauty so you can look and feel your best.

Sammy’s Background

As a registered nurse, who also has acquired her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Winona State University, Sammy aspires to make each patient feel special. She knows how the world of medicine can make patients feel like they are just a number at times, so she gives that “little extra bit” to everything she does to make people feel cared for, listened too and to put a smile on your face. Sammy never takes it for granted that she can be the one to turn someone’s day around.

Sammy’s Experience and Expertise

Sammy is thrilled to work with the team at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery because she is proud of the reputation and skill of our providers and believes in the efficacy of the treatments and products we offer. She loves watching how patients feel about their appearance literally transforming before her eyes. Whether this is because of a surgery, or just because they’re walking out the door with that “HydraFacial Glow,” it warms her heart to see people happy and to have their lives enriched by what we do.


Before + After Results

View before and after photos of surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Tolan, Dr. Garrett Griffin, Dr. Zachary Farhood and Dr. Anna Bakeman in Minneapolis, MN.