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At our Twin Cities clinics, we proudly offer SkinMedica, gl?-minerals and other transformative skincare products to improve the quality of your skin. A daily skincare regimen is essential for achieving improvement and continued beauty. SkinMedica® A daily skincare regimen is essential for achieving improvement and continued beauty. Our daily regimen recommendations include SkinMedica® TNS Essential Serum®, Tri-Retinol Complex®, and Environmental Defense Sunscreen™. To learn about the specific transformational products to add to your daily skincare regimen, contact us to schedule an aesthetic consultation. glO-minerals™ glO-minerals™ is a makeup system uniquely formulated to combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals, and the power of antioxidants (including vitamins A, C, E, and green tea extract). The result is clinically advanced mineral makeup that covers, corrects, and protects. The anti-inflammatory ingredients are recommended for acne sufferers and those who have recently undergone facial treatments such as laser procedures. In addition, glO-minerals™ makeup is oil- and fragrance-free, and provides SPF 15 sun protection. With the exception of a few products, glO-minerals™ makeup contains no gluten, chemical dyes, talc, or parabens, making this line extremely suitable for those with sensitive skin and/or certain allergies. Also, the line is cruelty-free and the products are not tested on animals. glO-minerals™ offers a full makeup line. With a rich and beautiful color palette that is both fashionable and timeless, glO-minerals™ allows you to transform your face while keeping your skin healthy, nourished, and glowing. How can I get gl?-minerals™? To identify the right products and makeup shades for you, it is best to consult with a skincare professional prior to purchasing glO-minerals™. To schedule a skincare appointment and learn more about glO-minerals™, please contact our practice at (651) 632-9700. Latisse® Eyelash Growth Treatment – The Eyes Have It! Women in the United States spend $8 billion annually in cosmetics. On the eyes alone, the average woman will spend nearly $7,000 in her lifetime on mascara, eye shadow, eyelash curlers and eyelash extensions. These efforts are to help obtain the long, dark, flirty lashes they desire. In many instances, these treatments cause the opposite of the desired effect, making lashes dry and brittle before they eventually fall out. To help patients promote the growth of natural, longer, thicker and darker eyelashes, we recommend Latisse® eyelash enhancing formula. What is Latisse®? Latisse® is an FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment that can dramatically improve the color, thickness, and length of eyelashes within a few weeks of initial application. The main ingredient in Latisse® is bimatoprost, originally used in the glaucoma drug, Lumigan®. Latisse® is believed to affect the growing phase of eyelashes in two ways: a) it increases the length of the growing phase, and b) it increases the number of hairs that can be grown during this phase. How is Latisse® used? Latisse® is a topical formula that is applied along the base of the upper eyelashes with disposable applicators, which are provided with the drug. Similar to the application of liquid eyeliner, patients apply Latisse® once daily, preferably just before bedtime. When used as recommended, patients start to experience the rewarding results of Latisse® within four weeks, and beautiful, luscious lashes are generally achieved within 16 weeks. How can I get Latisse®? Latisse® is a prescription medication that can only be provided by a medical professional to patients who are deemed good candidates. Midwest Facial Plastics and Aesthetic Skincare has helped many Latisse® patients accentuate the natural beauty of their eyes with longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes obtained with Latisse®.
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