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3 Simple Skincare Tips for the Man Who Wants to Look Great!

The day and age of clear, glowing and healthy skin being an only female pursuit are long gone. Men are one of the fastest growing demographics in not only the skincare product industry ($121 billion sold in mens’ skincare in 2016!), but also the skin TREATMENT industry. In some cities, you’ll find just as many […]

Ditch the Inherited Traits You HATE in 10 Days or Less!

You have your Mother’s emerald green eyes, your Father’s hearty laugh, and it seems all the children in your family have the signature smile that traces back generations. But, what about the “less desirable” traits that run through your family tree? A double chin you’re always trying to hide? A slight bump on the bridge […]

Take a “TIME OUT” and Take Back 10 Years!

The role stress plays on skin aging, health and appearance. Your eyes fly open at 3:23 AM on the dot. This has been happening all month and you’re exhausted. Like clockwork, the wave of worry and anxiety sets in on the encroaching day. Did you pay that bill? Who is carpooling the kids to soccer […]

Go Beyond the “Bunny Lines” with Botox!

Get to know the “lesser known” treatment areas that can benefit from Botox Cosmetic! “Bunny Lines,” Platysmal Bands, Depressors, Masseters…No, these aren’t cartoon characters or cooking utensils; these are actual areas of the face commonly treated with Botox Cosmetic! While worry lines between the eyebrows and pesky crow’s feet are still some of the most […]

Get 5 x’s the Results in HALF the Time with Hydrafacial MD®!

A quadruple threat treatment that helps you maintain your skin effortlessly and get glowing for special occasion has arrived! Does this sound like you? You want less fine lines, blackheads and dark spots on your skin, but the idea of committing to facials every other week is too time consuming? You’re pining for smooth even […]

Eye Creams Exposed

Why we need them and how to choose the best one for you! It seems as though everyone has an opinion about eye creams; some people swear they are not needed, while others claim they can’t live without it. Does this delicate skin, that seems to show our age before other areas of our face, […]

The “EYES” Have It!

Surgical and Non-Surgical Options in Eye Rejuvenation Our eyes have been celebrated in literature, poetry and art for thousands of years for good reason. They are the focal point of the human face. The gateway to how our mood and character is both read and expressed. Yet, they are some of the most delicate and […]

Striking a Nerve

An Area Expert is changing the lives of patients with Facial Nerve Paralysis and the education of the physicians who treat them. Imagine waking up one day and losing the ability to greet a loved one with a smile, to close your eyes against the glare of the sun, or to struggle to keep food […]

Show Your Lashes Some Love

If eyes are truly the window to the soul, don’t you want yours surrounded by the most youthful and gorgeous lashes possible? Just like human skin, our lashes age with time. They can become shorter, brittle, lighter and thinned out! We can feel like our eyes are literally disappearing because we lose the dark contrast […]

Pucker Up! Volbella Gets You Valentine’s Day Ready!

“Patients are just as nervous about getting their lips done for the first time as they probably were for their first kiss,” laughs Dr. Garrett Griffin, Facial Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Injector with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. Many women desire fuller and more defined lips, but they are gun shy to pursue dermal fillers because […]

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