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Some of us inherit favorable family traits like our mother’s emerald green eyes, or our father’s dark full hair. But, what if the feature that is passed onto us is the dreaded ‘double chin’? Luckily, a new injectable on the market, Kybella, promises to make turtlenecks a thing of the past and let patients embrace a whole new profile.

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“I knew I couldn’t escape it. My dad’s side of the family calls it the ‘Bullfrog Neck’, and while my sister was skipped, my brother and I succumbed to this unfortunate genetic legacy,” laughs Jackie, a Woodbury, MN healthcare professional who asked that her last name not be used for professional reasons.

“All joking aside, my chin was making me painfully self-conscious. I work out daily at the gym and eat clean, but the fat under my chin wouldn’t budge,” complains Jackie. “When I heard about this new fat melting injection, Kybella, on the news, I immediately made an appointment for a consultation with Midwest Facial Plastics.”

“We’ve been limited for years in non-surgical treatment options for the chin area,” says Dr. Christopher Tolan, an ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastics and a national physician trainer for Kybella. “We could, somewhat, downsize a double chin with tightening lasers, or mask the appearance by using dermal fillers along the jawline, but never consistently address it,” explains Dr. Tolan. “The addition of Kybella to our practice allows me to improve the appearance of the chin area for patients, and heighten their confidence,” he adds.

Kybella is the first, FDA approved, injectable for the treatment of sub mental fullness, or “double chin”. It is precisely injected, by your provider, into the areas of excess fat under your chin. In time, it progressively destroys the fat cells there, and your lymphatic systems clears them from your system permanently. Depending on the quantity of fat in the treatment area, multiple treatments may be needed. These are spaced 8 weeks apart, with full results seen 16 weeks after your initial injection.

“I still can’t believe the results,” exclaims Jackie, now a regular patient of Dr. Tolan. “I had quite a bit of fat there to start, so I needed the full 4 treatments, but I literally watched my chin change each month in the mirror. My results from Kybella have vastly improved my confidence in my appearance,” she continues.

“I even got Botox at my second Kybella appointment with Dr. Tolan,” Jackie proclaims. “I felt so much better about myself that I wanted to check out other treatments to make me look as young as I feel. That huge crease between my eyebrows was driving me crazy and people kept asking me if I was tired or mad at them. These are obviously NOT good questions from people when you’re a nurse,” laughs Jackie!

“Jackie is like many of our female patients, she initially comes to the practice with a specific concern, and once that concern is resolved, she becomes curious in other treatments to naturally improve her appearance, “explains Dr. Tolan. “It’s exciting to see the landscape of this industry change as women take a more proactive role in maintaining their skin’s health and appearance,” he continues.

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