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Tame A “Turkey Neck” with SkinPen® Micro-Needling

It’s true, the last year in cosmetic medicine seems to have been all about lips and youthful cheekbones, but a new trend is emerging and it’s shifting the focus south of our faces. Your Neck is the “neck’s thing” that both skincare product companies and non-surgical treatment advances seem to be focusing on, and for […]

Shed the Dead with these 3 Exfoliation Superstars!

Fall is here! For many of us, it’s our favorite season due to nature’s gorgeous display of changing colors, the unpacking of cozy sweaters, and the ever popular, Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING. But, fall is a transitional time of year for many of us as our skincare regimens that worked so well in the Summer, just […]

Top 10 Botox® Myths…BUSTED!

Ask anyone their thoughts on Botox® Cosmetic and you’re bound to get as many opinions as people you ask! In addition to those responses you will most likely hear a few myths about this popular treatment that many people still hold true! With so many circulating thoughts about Botox® and its increasing exposure and popularity […]

Get Savvy about Scheduling Your Surgery!

Believe it or not, the Holidays may be the BEST time to schedule your surgery. Find out why!! Let’s face it. Deciding to pursue facial plastic surgery is a deeply personal journey. It involves research, pouring over the before & after pictures on the internet, serious self-reflection, and countless consultations with board-certified surgeons. After deciding […]

Are Stem Cells the Future of Skin Care?

What they are, how they work and what they mean for your skin! Whether you are paging through a magazine, scrolling through your Facebook feed, or watching a celebrity TV show, one thing is for certain – Stem Cells are a HOT TOPIC in skincare right now. But, many people who are interested in the […]

The ABC’s of Aging Skin

Learn how your skin ages with each passing decade and what you can do about it! Another school year is just around the corner. For some of us, that means back to the rigorous schedule and stress of academia. For others, it’s back to the juggling act of dropping kids off, picking them up, and […]

The ABC’s of Beautiful, Healthy Skin

We know it when we see it… Gorgeous skin that absolutely radiates vitality and health. We may witness it on any age group, from the newborn with fresh unblemished skin, to a woman well into her 70’s who has been diligent about sun protection and her home care regimen throughout her life. Regardless of where […]

You Deserve the Appearance You Want

Facial Plastic Surgery is not superfluous or vain, for many it can lead to a dramatically improved sense of self. Let’s be honest. We live in a world of plastic and cosmetic surgery extremes. While some people are getting plastic surgery to look more like their favorite celebrity, the next patient is simply addressing a […]

Be FREE from Unwanted Hair at Last!

Dare to go bare and ditch your razor with Laser Hair Reduction Imagine confidently going to the beach this Summer and not worrying about whether or not you had shaved that morning. Next, think about how much time you would save if you didn’t need to shave your legs in the shower or make monthly […]

Midwest Facial Plastics goes “All-Inclusive”

Celebrate a new caliber of patient care with our unparalleled comprehensive approach Do you remember your last vacation at that all-inclusive resort? The airline tickets were bundled in, taking care of the hassle of haggling with your airline miles points. All meals were buffet style so you had a choice of what you felt like […]

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