I want to thank Dr. Tolan for doing such an amazing job with my rhinoplasty surgery. I absolutely love my nose! There doesn’t appear to be any swelling at all that I can see, but I know it takes awhile for it to heal. I feel fantastic! I’m able to breathe a lot better. Thank you so very much!


I was very impressed with how prepared Dr. Tolan was for my appointment. While I hadn’t seen him in years (8-10) and I didn’t remember my own history, he took the time to review my incident and spoke very knowledgeably about my patient history, even providing pictures documenting my last visit. He clearly outlined my options, and explained the potential surgery process, which was helpful. He was professional, personal, and instrumental in guiding me to making an informed decision. I am comfortable getting surgery under his care.


Facelift & Juvederm


Thanks for your hard work and “artistic” skill. It’s been very uplifting!


I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Tolan and the Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Skincare staff for the reconstructive surgery for my husband. Your team was a Godsend. My husband and I have been married for 28 years and have four kids. He’s always been a confident man, but occasionally I would see him become so self-conscious about his cleft lip and nose it tore at my heart. I know it pained him. This never happens anymore. It’s been over a year since his first initial surgery and I’ve wanted to share with you how much I appreciate you helping others to see (at least physically) what I’ve always seen (spiritually) about my husband…the wonderful handsome man he is! I know he views you as a dear friend and incredible doctor. Thank you for sharing your God given talent.



If you are looking for the premiere plastic surgeon in the Midwest if not in the entire Country look no further than Dr. Tolan. Dr. Tolan fixed my chronic sinus disorder with a septorhinoplasty procedure. In addition, with the ultimate sign of respect I asked Dr. Tolan to remove a hairy nevus on my daughter’s cheek. Dr. Tolan was recommended to me by one of the best Doctors in the Twin Cities. In addition to being an excellent surgeon he has one of the best personalities I have come across especially in the medical field. He is clearly in his profession for all of the right reasons. He cares about people and it shows in how he communicates with you as a patient.



A great thank you to Dr. Tolan and staff! I have had excellent care from beginning to end! The bouquet of flowers was a pleasant surprise, and most importantly- I love my Face!


Cottage Grove Dr. Tolan & Staff, Thank you all for allowing me to be part of your trial study. I’d say it was a huge success! When I came in for my initial visit, I had redness and broken vessels across my nose & checks along with deep pockets of acne scaring on my face. After completing the laser treatments and using the NIA 24 products, I feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank you all for helping me have a beautiful complexion as I turn age 50.


Susan Testimonial

Wade & Kathy

Wade & Kathy Testimonial