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Skin rejuvenation addresses hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and redness in the skin. Unlike lasers, which use collimated, focused light, a photofacial uses intense pulsed light (known as an IPL photofacial). This type of light is preferentially absorbed by both the brown and red pigment in and beneath the skin. Although Skin rejuvenation delivers energy to both the superficial (epidermis) and deep (dermis) layers of the skin, the damage to the epidermis is minimized by a chilled crystal that contacts and protects the skin’s surface. Thus, there is no true “down time”, though there is often a visible skin response that can generally be covered easily with make-up. While the primary function of an IPL photofacial is to reduce the appearance of sun damage (brown spots, excess blood vessels, and redness), many people find that it also gives the skin a softer, smoother feel and may provide improvements in fine lines and texture as well.

What areas can be treated with a photofacial?

Skin rejuvenation treatments are typically performed on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and hands. However, any body area that has succumbed to the signs of photo-aging can be treated.

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