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How can people tell a person’s age? Increased number and depth of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and saggy skin are some of the changes that are associated with aging. But perhaps most important is facial shape. When we are young, our facial shape demonstrates the “triangle of youth” with width around the eyes and a narrow jawline. As we age, we develop a more rectangular or pyramidal appearance with a wide lower face. The goal of many of today’s most popular aesthetic interventions including Botox® and filler is to try to re-create a more youthful heart-shaped face.

Triangle of Youth

These products can smooth and add width to the upper face, but until recently we only had surgical options to reduce the fullness of the lower face and neck. Kybella™ (Deoxycholic Acid) is a new FDA approved injectable substance available to improve the contour of the submental region of the neck.

Results after Treatment with Kybella

Deoxycholic acid is a substance in our digestive tract that aids in the breakdown and absorption of the fats we eat. Kybella™ is identical to the Deoxycholic acid found in our body. It is manufactured in a laboratory and contains no human or animal products, making it very safe. When Kybella™ is injected into the areas of fat accumulation in the neck, it causes breakdown of fat cells and an improvement in the contour of the neck, giving a more youthful appearance.

Kybella™ injections are performed in the clinic at monthly intervals. Typically 2-6 treatments are required to achieve the desired result. Each treatment takes about 20 minutes. A topical numbing agent or local anesthetic along with ice is all that is needed prior to injecting the Kybella™. The day following your treatment you can resume your regular activities. Some mild swelling, redness and tenderness are common but should not be a limitation to returning to one’s usual activities.

Kybella Results

Dr. Christopher Tolan MD and Dr. Griffin MD are two of three physicians in the entire state of Minnesota to offer Kybella™. Their practice, Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Skincare, is an exclusive education-training center for health care professionals who are interested in learning about Kybella™ and the technique of injection.

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