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Our Eagan and Woodbury browlifts and forehead lifts are designed to improve the appearance of the forehead and eyebrows. As we get older, the outside half of our eyebrows can begin to fall, creating a feeling of heaviness and an aged, tired appearance. We also lose fat from our temples and the area beneath our eyebrows, making them look more flat.

Common eyebrow lift techniques performed today are endoscopic and trichophytic browlifts. In the endoscopic technique, the browlift is completed using small surgical telescopes passed through small incisions in the hair. The goal is to lift the outside half of the eyebrow to create a youthful, rested looking eyebrow and upper lid region. With a trichophytic browlift, the incision is made along the hair line which does not elevate the forehead.

Repositioning forehead skin may be necessary to achieve the optimal improvement in eyelid surgery, attracting attention to opened, more inviting eyes. For those with heavy descended brows (undergoing a facelift procedure), a forehead lift may be key to maintaining a natural look. Technology has improved the way we perform this procedure. Several techniques include using lighted scopes placed through small, well-hidden incisions within your hairline; this leads to decreased swelling and bruising. You and your physician will discuss which option is best for you.

Sometimes, our St. Paul area patients have the false appearance of extra upper eyelid skin that completely goes away when their saggy eyebrows are lifted to the correct position. We are careful to lift the eyebrows in a way that maintains their gender-appropriate shape, which is arched for females and lower and flatter for males. Also, we are careful not to over-lift the eyebrows, which can create an unnatural, surprised look. Looking in the mirror and seeing a face that looks tired, aged and even angry can be extremely discouraging; especially if one doesn’t feel this way, but their face gives off that impression to the outside world.

Often as a person ages the eyebrows begin to descend, causing individuals to appear much older and worn out than they feel, but a forehead lift (also known as a brow lift) can help alleviate these problems. A forehead lift not only lifts a saggy brow line but also helps create a smoother, more refined look to the forehead. Additionally, this procedure can help to lessen the appearance of crow’s feet in the temple area next to the eye.

A facelift or eyelid surgery combined with a forehead lift can make a marked difference in creating a more open and youthful appearance to the face. Our physicians believe these procedures will allow you to look refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Call our Eagan or Woodbury clinic to find out which if these affordably-priced procedures could be right for you.

  • Saggy brow line
  • Descended eyebrow
  • Tired, aged appearance
  • Renewed, vibrant look
  • Alleviates worn appearance
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