Choosing Your Facial Plastic Surgeon – Don’t Leave it to Luck!


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No pressure, but choosing the right surgeon for a facial plastic procedure may very well be a decision you live with for years, if not the rest of your life!  So, it’s not an understatement to say that choosing a qualified provider is crucial to being happy with your outcome.  A successful procedure can dramatically impact your life by making you feel more confident in your appearance.  On the other hand, a procedure performed by an unqualified surgeon can have a poor outcome that leads to additional surgical costs, more investment of your time and your unhappiness.  Employ these tips to find a facial plastic surgeon who is qualified, experienced and sure to get you the results you desire and deserve!

Check to make sure your surgeon is board certified

One would hope that the medical board of the state you live in would ensure that the physicians you are seeking a procedure from are actually qualified to perform the procedures they advertise.  Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking.  In fact, the United States government does NOT require that a surgeon be specifically trained in the procedures they offer.  This stipulation is especially prominent in the world of cosmetic medicine, or “cash based” medicine that is not billed under insurance.

*Did you know?  Both Drs. Tolan and Griffin of Midwest Facial Plastic are BOTH Double Board Certified in Otolaryngology (ENT – Ears, Nose, Throat) and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery?

Research, Ask and Confirm that your surgeon is experienced in the specific procedure(s) you are interested in

The skills required from surgery to surgery vary greatly.  Inserting a saline implant for a breast augmentation is very different that artfully sculpting and repositioning the cartilage during a rhinoplasty, or “nose job.”  Check your physician’s website for their list of services and before & after photo gallery.  Ask for patient referrals during your consultation.  Directly ask your physician how many of these surgical procedures they have performed and for how long. Ask them to outline their training to perform them.  Surgeons who are legitimate will have no issues with you asking these questions. Be cautious of providers that grow impatient with you and your questions.

Look at the “Style” of your Surgeon’s Work

Just as you have a personal preference of what is balanced, beautiful and attractive, so will your surgeon.  It is common for providers to gain recognition for having a certain “style,” or way of performing your procedure.  Look at your surgeon’s before & after gallery on their website and ask to see pictures during your consultation to ensure that you and your surgeon are on the same “aesthetic wavelength.”  Be sure to look for patients in photos who are close to your age and have a comparable facial structure to you.  In addition, look for consistency in your surgeon’s results from picture to picture.

Ask yourself how your Surgeon and His/Her staff make you feel?

It is incredibly important that you feel 100% comfortable with not only your surgeon, but his/her support staff.  A surgical procedure is a big deal!  Between prep, surgery and recovery time, you will be spending a fair amount of time with this team and it’s important to trust and resonate with them.  Your surgeon should invoke trust, care and competence.  You will be sharing your entire medical history with this person, so feeling at ease is crucial to the success of your procedure. Their staff should be warm, friendly and informative.  If you have to question whether or not you like your surgeon and his/her team, it is most likely, not a good fit.

Take a look at what your surgeon’s operating facility is like

Ask your surgeon where they perform their surgeries.  If possible, take a tour of the surgical suite and ask for the facility’s level of accreditation.  Who will be your anesthesiology team?  What are their credentials and background?  The more you know and see, the more comfortable and empowered you will feel about your decision.

Trust your first impression – Customer Service Counts!

What is your first impression when walking through your surgeon’s clinic doors?  Is the appearance of the facility clean, warm and inviting?  Is the staff engaging, friendly and helpful?  Does the environment put you at ease?  Does the staff provide you with print materials and resources about your procedure?  Is pricing clearly laid out and transparent?  When you contact the facility by phone or email, does the staff reply promptly?  All of these elements lay the foundation for a reliable and sound practice.  If these integral pieces are not in place, buyer beware.  Trust your intuition.

Facial plastic surgery can be one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life to improve your appearance and enhance your self-confidence.  A great surgeon will not only deliver successful results, but make you feel safe, understood and cared for throughout your entire journey.

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